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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: A Journey Through Beauty

Sri Lanka, a country in South Asia also called the ‘ Pearl of the Indian Ocean’ and in terms of its enthralling natural beauty is literally no less than a ‘Pearl’. It is a mesmerizing destination as it amazes the travellers with its beautiful terrain, rich cultural heritage and warm hospitality.

Sri Lanka is known for its immaculate beaches stretching along the coastline. Whether you are a sunbather or a water sports lover, you will find a perfect spot for your desired activity. A few of them include Bentota Beach, Dickwella Beach, Negombo Beach and various others.

Sri Lanka’s cultural heritage is ancient and one can easily see ancient temples, monasteries and various forts all across the country.

For wildlife enthusiasts, there are very high chances of spotting exotic animals such as Leopards and Elephants as Sri Lanka has a very rich biodiversity. The country also has some vast stretches of green farms due to the dominance of tea plantations. These farms look stunning and Ceylon tea tastes like a heavenly drink.

People here are known for their hospitality and friendly smiles. You’ll feel at home wherever you go and this adds an extra tint in the memories of the travellers.

For seekers of spirituality, Sri Lanka offers many places to meditate and to explore oneself such as the Temple of Tooth in Kandy. 

This itinerary will take you on a journey through some of the most iconic cities and attractions in Sri Lanka, offering a glimpse into the diverse experiences this beautiful country has to offer.  



After arrival, there is nothing better than relaxing on Negombo Beach, a coastal town in Sri Lanka. Known for its sandy beaches, historic churches, and bustling fish markets, this town has a lot to relax and rejuvenate.

Sigiriya via Anuradhapura:

After Negombo, we will head to Sigiriya via Anuradhapura. Here you can marvel at the breathtaking Sigiriya Rock Fortress, a UNESCO World Heritage site that will leave you in awe. On the way, various Buddhist sites such as Dambulla Royal Cave Temple, Golden Temple, Pidurangala, and Mihintale will offer an insight into Sri Lanka’s rich historical and spiritual heritage. 

Kandy via Dambulla:

Dambulla cave, also known as the Golden Temple of Dambulla, is filled with caves having paintings, murals and statues related to the Buddha and his life. Afterwards, we will head towards Kandy, where we will visit some historical sites and sacred places like the Temple of the Tooth Relic, an important pilgrimage site for Buddhists. 

Nuwara Eliya:

Nuwara Eliya is a city where you can witness a naturally landscaped Botanical garden, tea plantations, and lush landscapes, and enjoy a cup of world-renowned Ceylon tea. The town is also called ‘Little England’ due to its cold climate and colonial-era bungalows. 


There is no better place to witness Sri Lankan Elephants and Sri Lankan Leopards than Yala National Park, which is home to a wide variety of plants and animals. Witness the natural beauty of Sri Lanka’s wilderness in the town of Yala. 


Mirissa is another coastal town in Sri Lanka,  where one can enjoy and experience the nightlife of Sri Lankan people. Apart from this, visit the Secret Beach, enjoy water sports, whale watching, and stunning sunsets of this beautiful town. 


It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which we will explore on foot, as it is an endlessly exotic old trading port blessed with imposing Dutch-colonial buildings, ancient mosques and churches, grand mansions and museums. 


Before departure, visit Colombo, Sri Lanka’s vibrant capital city.  Roam around in the city on a tuk-tuk (local auto-rickshaw), visit the Gangaramaya temple, and local markets while indulging in the city’s diverse cuisine.


And this is how we travel through Sri Lanka and we depart towards our home from Colombo airport. Head to the airport for your departure, carrying with you unforgettable memories of this enchanting nation.

This itinerary offers a diverse range of experiences, from cultural and historical discoveries to wildlife encounters and beachside relaxation, making it a perfect visit to the wonders of Sri Lanka.