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Indian festivals

‘A true manifestation of the Indian religions, culture and traditions.’

With a festive spirit deeply rooted in people’s hearts, accompanied by unique sweets, dishes and lights, India is home to diverse cultures and religions. Transcending all the limitations and spreading joy and happiness among the people is what the Indian festivals are filled with.

An immersive experience in the country’s spirit, this ‘Land of Festivals’ has many celebrations, each with its own story and traditional beliefs around it. In this country, where people from multiple religions and cultures co-exist harmoniously, a wide variety of festivals is a true manifestation of India’s rich and diverse traditions.

With the celebrations happening all over the year, the winter season is the time where Indian’s are in the festive mode at their best. With the festivities over Diwali, to Holi, the localities all over the country drink and solemnize to various royal traditions by bursting the firecrackers and meeting with their loved ones to applying colours on each other, India celebrates its festivals in the most unique and atypical manner from rest of the world.

Celebrating the triumph of light over the darkness, knowledge over ignorance and hope over despair, the five day festival of Diwali is one of the most celebrated and awaited festivals by the Indian Communities worldwide. IT is not only about bursting the firecrackers, but the air filled with the smell of incense, acrid smell of burning crackers, rich sweet and savoury aromas coming from the kitchen; this festival of lights is believed to bring prosperity, success, peace, health and great happiness. Being one of the most widely celebrated festivals in all of the Indian communities, Diwali is that time of the year, where tourists can experience the local life and local festival as they have never experienced it before.

Not only that, one of the other most celebrated festival around the world by all the Indian communities is Holi. An exuberant casting of pastel coloured powder on friends, family and every passerby, this time of the year in India is the most vibrant occasion for tourists around the world. Bonfires are lit around the streets of streets to ward off evil spirits and create positive energy, making it particularly entertaining and fun.

Being a country where every religion and community celebrate their traditions and harmonise off-beat celebrations from other cultures, every day is a new celebration in the country, making lots of Gazetted holidays all year round.